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        Company introduction

             Senwons is a diversified developing company which is based on domestic real estate, supplemented by cultural tourism industry and tea culture industry. It owns many subsidiaries, like Hainan Zhengyang Real Estate Co., Ltd, and  Hainan SenHua Mao Industry Co., Ltd, Lincang Senwons Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd, Fengqing Dian Zen Tea Culture Industry Co.,Ltd, Hangzhou Baisheng Creation Science&Technology Co., Ltd, Senwons Group Invested Haikou Wanyu Property  Service Co., Ltd.  Senwons insist the corporate concept of responsibility, blessing and thanksgiving, and regard the concept of sustainable operation and development, mutual interest, and contribution as its own responsibility, is committed to be the cross-regional and cross-industry diversified group company.

             Hainan Senwons Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a new prominent real estate integrated enterprise in Hainan with the cultural philosophy of “taking responsibility, creating benefits and feeling grateful” and also a “new Hainan habitat servicer” integrating real estate development and brand marketing. As a new prominent real estate enterprise emerging against the backdrop of Hainan international tourism island, Hainan Senwons Industry Co., Ltd. has investors mainly from Yangtze River delta and Taiwan consortiums, with its business ranging from real estate development and operation to tourism project development, hotel management service, property management and conference and exhibition reception. Under the Group Company, there are nine functional departments—General Manager Office, Finance Department, HR Department, Engineering Department, Building Review Department, Marketing Department, Market Development Department, Planning Department and Advertising Department, which consistently stick to the operation principle of “responsibility · brand marketing · strategic alliance” and build homeland for cities. 

            As one of the builders of Hainan international tourism island, with the acceleration of urbanization, Senwons keeps in mind the development declaration of “real estate of responsibility”, enabling buildings in every corner to carry a share of responsibility, manages carefully, and respects and treats the environmental and cultural resources peculiar to Hainan island to sustain city cultural veins. Competition among real estate development enterprises concerns not only quality but also responsibility now and some time into the future. Therefore, “taking responsibility · creating benefits · feeling grateful” will remain to be the eternal theme in our management and development. 


        • Orientation & Target
        • Development Program
        Development orientation and objectives: Senwons is committed to leading the industry, and building a large-scale company with strong management, high reputation, outstanding performance, high sense of social responsibility and ability to development.
        Development planning: Senwons conscientiously implements the spirit of the central government policy and the relevant requirements of local government policies, and fully implements the Scientific Outlook on Development. As well, Senwons advocates the concept of pluralism and growth, and take scientific development as the theme, and change the way of development as the main line, and pays close attention to policies and markets, and actively implements the dual strategy of "doing well" and "going out", also, continues to enhance and give full play to Senwons’ brand value and advantages , and sticks to the development real estate and enters the ranks of the first line in real estate industry in China. And Senwons will quickly promote culture tourism industry, tea culture business, and continuously enhance the company's comprehensive strength and core competitiveness.
        • Development Ability

          Senwons does well at accurately analyzing and grasping the characteristics of each industry and regional market, and combines with our own advantages to achieve the effect of developing and avoiding short development. Senwons fully analysis and demonstrates the project at the early stage, and carries out accurate and effective promotion during the marketing period, and integrate the internal and external resources of the group for the project to achieve win-win goal as well.

        • Professional Team

          Senwons group has five major management centers, marketing, management, engineering, supply chain, investment&finance, and 12 functional departments. Senwons core group has been ploughing for many years in involved sectors, and gets a thorough comprehensions and understanding of the law of the industry, and has a keen sense touch and judgment of market, and always pays attention to the changes in the relevant policies, and timely follows the market demand, and inject strong impetus for the rapid development of the company.

        • Competitive Advantage

          Senwons covers real estate business, culture tourism business, tea culture business, dental fields. The company always insists the concept of responsibility, blessing and thanksgiving. It is committed to creating endless possibilities and more fun for life with strong driving funds, superior resources and the integration of sustainable industry.

        • Resources Advantage

          Senwons is committed to serving the society and beautifying people's life. The company has obtain numerous honors and good reputation in last 10 years, also accumulated a wide range of commercial resources and rich experience, and laid a solid foundation for the development and expansion.

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