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        Corporate Culture

        Senwons is a diversified developing company which is based on domestic real estate, supplemented by cultural tourism industry and tea culture industry, and also covering dental industry. Each person in Senwons work efficiently, pragmatically and kindly with full devotion, dedicating to creating powerful value for the company, the industry and the society. Base on the corporate concept of responsibility, blessing and thanksgiving, Senwons will grow strong and endure forever.

        Corporate values: taking responsibility · creating benefits · feeling grateful

        Taking responsibility: the foundation for having a foothold. Care for people, putting customers first, and come down to earth, putting responsibility first. Seek the appropriate path for corporate development and business management in market competition and create value through products and service, so as to improve corporate competitiveness and do its own duty in the development of a harmonious society. 

        Creating benefits: the realm of pursuit. Be ambitious with definite goals, and make limitless efforts to create benefits for the sake of company development. “Doing good deeds and creating benefits with benevolence” is not only the spiritual pursuit but spiritual motivation for Senwons to gain competitive advantages. 

        Feeling grateful: the source of development. Manage company with integrity, observe law and advocate virtues to contribute to society. “The grace of a drop of water should be replied with pouring spring” is the corporate development philosophy constantly upheld by Senwons, and regarded by Senwons as the spiritual standard to guide the company to earnestly perform corporate social responsibility to appreciate and contribute to society. 

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