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        Milestones of Senwons Group

        • 2006

          The parent companies of Senwons Group were established

          The parent companies of Senwons Group—Hainan Sen Hong Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. and Hainan Karrisen Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. were established to take charge of the package service and exclusive sales for several real estate projects in Haikou, such as Baishamen Hot Spring Resort, Blossom Four Seasons, Diamond Edge Water, Finance Center, Yujing City, Dongchenghu International Square, Huarong Mansion, Blessed Homeland, and Dongshan Lakeside.

        • 2006


          The predecessors of Senwons were successively established

          The predecessors of Senwons—Hainan Senjiaxin Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., Ltd., Hainan Senjiaxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Hainan Senwons Industry Co., Ltd. were successively established and cooperated with Hainan Farm Group to jointly developed the real estate project of “Mountain · Wispering Spring” with floor area of 250,000m2 in Baoting County, Hainan Province. In the meantime, the project of “Peninsula Sunshine” with floor area of 300,000m2 was independently developed in Lingao County, Hainan Province.

        • 2013

          The project of “Royal Spring and Famous City”

          Hainan Senwons Industry Co., Ltd. invested in its branch—Hainan Zheng Yang Real Estate Co., Ltd. to successfully develop and sell the project of “Royal Spring and Famous City”, now in winding-up stage, with floor area of 120,000m2 in Chengmai County, Hainan Province.

        • 2014

          The Smile Dental Clinic

          Hainan Senwons Group invested in Smile dental clinic in Longhua District, Haikou.

        • 2016

          Fengqing Dian Zen Tea Culture Industry Co.,Ltd.

          Fengqing Dian Zen Tea Culture Industry Co.,Ltd. was established under Hainan Senwons Industry Co., Ltd. After multi-aspect investigation and overall planning, the company conducted in-depth cooperation with Hong Kong Zhang Xiaolan Planning Company and Shanghai Kai Yi Designing Group Co., Ltd. to develop in line with local condition the Manor of Zen Tea Culture themed “Zen” and “Tea” in Fengqing County, Yunnan Province, intending to deeply exploit the black tea resource peculiar to Fengqing and establish a comprehensive project integrating high-end theme hotel, boutique tea production and sale, agricultural sightseeing tour and beautiful countryside construction.

          The overall planned floor area of the project is over 10,000 Mu, with core building area covering 500 Mu. In line with local culture and tourism, the project will fully exploit Dian Black Tea, and establish its own tea brand to promote Dian Black Tea to the world, and in the meantime, help local tea planters to improve their self-employed inferior position, ao as to share the benefits from promoting Dian Black Tea.

        • 2017

          Manor of Fengqing Dian Zen Tea Culture entered construction

          Manor of Fengqing Dian Zen Tea Culture, under the Group, officially entered construction in Lincang, Yunnan Province.

          Hainan Senwons Industry Co., Ltd. was renamed

          Hainan Senwons Industry Co., Ltd. was officially renamed Hainan Senwons Industry Group Co., Ltd., and participated in beautiful countryside construction in Lingshui County, Dongfang, Hainan Province with abundant accomplishment and rich experience in developing characteristic town.

          Hainan Sen HuaMao Industry Co., Ltd.

          Hainan Sen HuaMao Industry Co., Ltd invested in an integrated project including real estate, business, and hotel in Haikou, Hainan.

        • 2018

          Hangzhou Baisheng Creation Science&Technology Co., Ltd

          was established It is wholly-owned subsidiary of Senwons Group, and the incubating enterprise of brand “3200”.

          Tea Brand “3200”Entered the Market

          Based on the “Dian Characteristic Town”industry layout, Senwons creates and popularizes the tea brand “3200”. The first offline complex store was opened in 5th, May, in Lijiang.

          Senwons Group Invested Haikou Wanyu Property Service Company

          Lincang Senwons Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd was established.

          The company independently develops and constructs a comprehensive project of about 60,000 feet, which is located in Lincang City and integrates commercial shopping, residential, Hotel and office buildings.

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