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        Efficiency · Pragmatism · Fraternity
        Three Sections of Senwons Motivation
        Section of Self-Discipline

        Be a self-disciplined Senwons person, staying humble and prudent.

        Be a proud Senwons person, standing still in wind and snow.

        Be a self-strengthening Senwons person, keeping forging ahead and exploring.

        Section of Interpersonal Relationship

        Be a cultivated Senwons person, thinking of others first.

        Be an honest Senwons person, carrying forward good conduct.

        Be a dedicated Senwons person, caring for the company.

        Section of Work

        Be a passionate Senwons person, completing tasks quickly and efficiently.

        Be a cultured Senwons person, rising abruptly based on accumulated strength.

        Be a combative Senwons person, competing for advancement among hundreds of competitors.

        Code of Conduct of Senwons Staff
        Love the country and obey the lawPractice courtesy and honesty Work hard and make improvement Respect and love my own job Stand up for justice Main social public ethics Distinguish between right and wrong Ddhere to principles Care for the company Regard company as home Feel honored if the “home” is prosperous Ashamed if declined Respect customers Serve them with heart Grant whatever is requested in an active Quick manner Be united and fraternal Put comity first Be strict with myself Take pleasure in helping others
        Work hard Defy difficulties Handle everything With due diligence Study harder Never stop moving Seek for ever greater perfection Brilliance Live life in a scientific way Alternate work with rest Be active and healthy Serious and lively Beautify the environment Pay attention to hygiene Maintain sedate deportment Be well-groomed Take care of public facilities Be scrupulous in separating public from private interests Strictly save every drop of water Lilowatt-hour of power
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