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        Diamond Waterfront

        No.102 Haijing Road of Haidian Island

        Floor area:3749 ㎡

        Construction area:33273 ㎡

        Plot ratio:1.5

        Greening rate:43.8%

        Building type: 板楼

        Project Profile


        Located at No.102 Haijing Road of Haidian Island, and themed “leisure & health”, Crystal Waterfront is a community of delicate life integrating various functions such as leisure, vacationing, residence, health maintenance and investment. It is the first low-density resort residential community in the east of Haidian Island of Haikou, with a floor area of 12,926.36 square meters, construction area of 19,382 square meters, plot ratio of 1.499 and construction density of 16.55%. The community is constituted by 10-storey connected buildings, 216 suites of 9 units and chic upscale clubs.

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