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        Wealth Center

        No.38 Datong Road of Haikou

        Floor area:4914 ㎡

        Construction area:40766 ㎡

        Plot ratio:8.3

        Greening rate:0%

        Building type: 板楼

        Project Profile


        As a pure office building without residential building and shopping mall, Fortune Plaza enjoys noble and dazzling appearance. Hotel-type lobby of over one thousand square meters, excellent hardware settings and perfect supporting facilities provide you with first-class services just like in five-star hotels. Located at No.38 Datong Road of Haikou, the project is close to East Haixiu Road—the most expensive lot, which is the valley of politics, commerce and finance of Haikou. With the provincial government by side, it has been the core area to generate fortune since the establishment of Hainan Province. With row upon row of famous stores, supermarkets, upscale hotels and restaurants as well as financial support and services provided by various banking outlets nearby, it is the most prosperous and modernized commercial area in Haikou. 

        Fortune Plaza boasts extremely convenient transportation since 2/3 of Haikou buses are stationed nearby. All marginal area and regional centers such as Guomao, Haidian Island, Xinbu Island, Meishe River, Fucheng, Jinpan and Xiuying can be reached by taking a bus here. The incomparable and irreproducible golden geological position of Fortune Plaza demonstrates its outstanding commercial value. 

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