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        Yunnan Fengqing Zen Tea Cultural Manor Project

        Fengqing Dianhong(Yunnan black tea) Characteristic Town is the most significant industrial transformation project in the next three to five years, as well as the priority among priorities in terms of strategic upgrading of our group. We will mobilize the most quality resources and elite team to promote the landing and construction of the project with great passion and in line with our entrepreneurial idea of “taking responsibility, creating benefit and feeling grateful”. We are striving to build the project into the most representative characteristic town in Fengqing County, Liancang City, and even in Yunnan Province.This project, themed “Zen” and “Tea”, is a comprehensive project integrating high-end theme hotel, fine tea processing, agricultural sightseeing and featured bed & breakfast towns. It is developed in line with local conditions by Fengqing Zen Tea Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. under Senwons Group in Fengqing County, Lincang, Yunnan Province.

        • Planned overall area for the project:

          10000 Mu

        • core region construction area:

          500 Mu

        Zen-tea-themed hotel

        Dasan flowers full of ethnic customs Holiday Resort

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        Zen-tea-themed hotel will be located in the core region of planned area, and theme holiday villa and hotel related service package will also be built. These buildings, surrounded by the mountain of tea and sea of flowers, will be organically integrated with thick and rich tea flavor peculiar to Fengqing, local landscape and idyllic scenery of tea peasants’ being busy in tea picking, so as to form a leisure resort full of folk customs.

        Agricultural sightseeing

        The extraordinary fun brought by the experience of Fengqing's local culture and Zen tea culture

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        The green ecological tea garden integrating planting, landscape, service and recreational zones enables each and every tourist who visits Fengqing Zen Tea Cultural Manor to experience the extraordinary joys brought by Fengqing local culture and Zen tea culture. In the garden, tourists can, following caravan and the track of ancient tea-horse route, explore the building clusters which perfectly copied Lushi ancient town—known as one of China’s three most mysterious ancient towns, and Gumo village—enjoying the laudatory title of “arcadia deep in the mountains”, to experience the multi-national and multi-cultural heritage of Yunnan without taking a long and arduous journey. In the meantime, the project will become a tourism hub in Fengqing and Lincang, so as to facilitate the integration of regional tourism resources and better develop the tourism industry in the southwest of Yunnan.

        Tea production and sales

        The high quality of Fengqing tea promotion to every corner of the world

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        Fengqing tea enjoys a long history of culture, and internationally high reputation in its black tea quality, however, the tea itself hasn’t obtained good product development and brand shaping. In order to facilitate tea industrialized operation and development, we must create a high-end tea brand to build brand value, and change traditional concept of sole black tea production to develop new types of tea, so as to promote the diversified development of Fengqing tea, demonstrate the new look of Fengqing tea culture and products to tea lovers, tourists and businessmen around the world, and spread high-quality Fengqing tea to every corner of the world.

        Beautiful countryside construction

        Prominent manor Zen tea culture characteristics, to achieve industrial linkage


        Beautiful countryside construction is a comprehensive planning based on coordinating the development of city and countryside, towns and villages, and supported by Zen tea culture and hotel industry so as to improve the quality of ecological environment. The project will change the obsolete look of Fengqing villages in the past, improve the living environment of local villagers, reserve local ecological and natural features, pay attention to ecological environment protection, carry forward the culture, and seek for new development opportunities from history and traditions. Besides, this project will complement advantages with other modules, to emphasize Zen tea cultural features and realize industrial coordination.

        • The early development

          Project core area: Zen Theme Hotel, theme Resort Villa, tea culture exhibition center, ancient tea garden management projects experience

          Project Area Scale
          Zen-tea-themed hotel 4.32 Ha. 30000㎡
          Tea Culture Exhibition Center 0.5 Ha. 2000㎡
          Ancient tea garden experience land 1.4 Ha. 13922㎡
        • Medium-term management

          The middle of the construction and development of the main tea factory

          Project Area Scale
          Tea factory 0.45 Ha. 1800㎡
        • Late perfect

          The construction of the beautiful countryside and cultural management, resort hotel project and the construction of a certain number

          Project Area Scale
          Village land 10 Ha. 80000㎡
          Home Land 2.15 Ha. 8600㎡
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